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Gourmet Cakes

  • Rainbow Sponge CakeRainbow Sponge Cake
    Vanilla, chocolate & strawberry sponge layers with cream between

  • Upside Down Chocolate and Pear TartUpside-down Chocolate & Pear Tart
    Baked citrus tart decorated with chocolate flakes & glazed pears

  • Chocolate Curl Sponge CakeChocolate Curl Sponge Cake
    Chocolate sponge cake topped with fresh cream and decorated with rich chocolate curls

  • Black and White Chocolate CakeBlack and White Chocolate Cake
    Rich mud cake with white icing

  • Apple and Cinnamon TeacakeApple and Cinnamon Teacake
    Moist apple teacake

  • Carrot CakeCarrot Cake
    Our famous gourmet fruit and nut carrot cake

  • Layered Chocolate CakeLayered Chocolate Cake
    Rich chocolate cake with two layers of cappuccino icing inside

  • Caramelized Upside Down Apple CakeCaramelized Upside Down Apple Cake
    Light apple teacake

  • Black Forest CakeBlack Forest Cake
    Traditional black forest gateaux

  • Mississippi Mud Fudge CakeMississippi Mud Fudge Cake
    Dense chocolate mud cake

  • Chocolate Cherry RouladeChocolate Cherry Roulade
    Swiss chocolate sponge log encased with cherries and mousse

  • Wildberry Sponge CakeWildberry Sponge Cake
    Vanilla sponge cake filled with mixed berry coulis inside and on top